Success Stories

18 year old Lucas is part of our church family, he came to Foundations 2009 and he tells us the news in his life.


He is a Pastor in Germany and he came to Monterrey, México to the MASTER BUILDER program. Now he talks about how the message of righteousness changed his life!

Thank you Klaus for sharing your success story with us! 


 A new identity church in Berlin.

Find out about:

What’s going on with the new church in Berlin, Germany? 

What was it like to go to Master Builder and Foundations programs in Monterrey, México? 

Thank you Anja for telling us your story! 


How you can be healed.

Thank you Claus Muller (Denmark) for sharing these success stories!

One Response to “Success Stories”

  1. Keld Fink Christensen Says:

    Claus Moeller, is a wellknown speaker in Denmark/Dinamarca! Every time he has been in our church, ( people has been healed and touched, through his ministry!

    God bless him!

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